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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we convince parents of the need for this type of course for their teenagers when faced with the all-too-common refrain, "My child doesn't need this. They're going to college!"
In the United States, young adults who require economic support from their parents (past their schooling years) are known as Twixters (see Time magazine, January 25, 2005). In Great Britain, these young adults are known as KIPPERS, which is an acronym for:
Kids In Parents Pockets Eroding Retirement Savings

Next time you are with a group of parents who question the importance of this type of class, ask how many of them know families whose adult children returned home after graduating from college because they couldn't find a job that would support them. Watch the hands go up and the heads nod!

We'd like parents more involved with their students' planning. What can we do?
The personal information students organize and store at should be shared with parents. As students work on updating their plans, parents can provide valuable input and support.

To take parental involvement one step further, consider a combined parent/adolescent activity that develops the career decision making skills of both the adults and teens. (Click here for a sample) Studies show that parents are the most important supporters of a student's future plans. And, because so many adults are going through their own mid-life re-evaluation when they have adolescent children, you'll be doing them both a service.

How can I convince our administration and school board of the need for
Click here to view the online training module, Tips for Getting Buy-in from all Stakeholders.
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