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Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't it time consuming to have students complete a workbook and then re-enter everything at
The success of the Career Choices curriculum (click here for awards and evaluations) is based on the fact that it is an active learning course, designed to promote self-exploration through discussion, contemplation, and journaling. This personal discovery process is key to the success of your program. The computer lab is not the ideal setting for these dialogs and activities to take place. For that reason, we recommend you wait until the end of the course and the completion of their workbooks before having students data-enter their information.

The functionality the online plan brings is an ease of sharing and updating over the tenure of the student's high school career. It's designed in such a way that it should only take students a couple of hours to enter their information from the workbook.

Can we skip the Workbook and Portfolio and just use
For the reasons mentioned above, we don't suggest it. The Workbook and Portfolio is required for the student to develop a meaningful 10-year plan because there are activities in the workbook not included in the online tool. These pre-requisite exercises help students gain personal insights and begin a self-exploration process that will eventually provide the data to be compiled online.

Is a mandatory part of the Career Choices curriculum?
No. is an optional component meant to enhance the curriculum’s consumable Workbook & Portfolio. Schools that choose to use it will benefit from its many functions, but some schools may not wish to use it due to insufficient access to technology.

Beyond the 10-year plan, what kinds of documents can students upload and store on
Because was designed in part to function as a career/education planning and portfolio tool, students may upload and save documents such as:
  • Resumes
  • Cover letters
  • Writing samples for job, scholarship, and college applications
  • Letters of recommendation
  • PowerPoint presentations

Does have any data-reporting functions?
Career Choices teachers have the option to enable students to take a pre-course survey (found on page 6/12 of the Instructor's Guide) online within the first week of class. When compared with the same survey to be taken at the end of the course, School Site Executives can generate reports that measure how well the class influenced students' attitudes about high school, post-secondary education, and their future career and lifestyle goals.

What is an SSE? Can I do it myself?
The SSE, or School Site Executive, is the faculty member at your school that is responsible for the set-up and management of your school’s account. This person should be tech-savvy and comfortable with computers, be organized and detail-oriented, understand the importance of security, and get along well with other faculty members. The SSE must be appointed by the principal. See the Online Training Video “Tips for Selecting Your School-Site Executive” for more information.

What is the difference between Advisory and Interactive?
Both allow students to store, update, and share their 10-year plans and related data online, but Interactive additionally provides automated prompts that facilitate critical thinking, decision making, and goal setting and automatically updates activities based on new information input by the student. The Advisory version allows students to enter data from 20 activities in Career Choices while Interactive allows students to enter data from all 93 Career Choices activities and more. Advisory only requires 5-10 hours for data entry but Interactive requires 30-50 hours, which should be met by at least one class period per week in a computer lab.
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