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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to use
For every Workbook and Portfolio purchased, the school receives one seat license to Each seat license is valid for the term the student is in high school or up to five years from purchase.

There is an additional one-time charge of $99 for setting up each school's account. Beyond that, an annual server maintenance fee of $29.95 will ensure that the data in each school’s system is properly organized and attended to for the life of the school’s account.

What is a seat license and how does it work?
Each participating school will appoint a School Site Executive. This individual will be responsible for managing the seat licenses by adding, deleting, and assigning student and teacher accounts. Once a seat license has been assigned to a student or teacher, it is deducted from the available quota (based on the number of copies of the Workbook and Portfolio purchased) that has been granted by Academic Innovations. Forms and computerized functions make this easy and quick.

Each seat license has its own ID and password for student security reasons. It will be up to the school administration through the school site executive to determine who has access to the accounts and how.

Who is responsible for creating student and teacher accounts?
Each school will appoint a School Site Executive to set up and oversee the school's use of Click here for a complete list of responsibilities.

What personal student information is required to set up their accounts?
Required information includes:
  • First and Last Name
  • School Name
  • Career Choices Teacher Name
  • Expected Graduation Year
  • Grade
  • Username
  • Password
Optional information includes:
  • Student ID (which makes soring students in large schools more efficient)
  • Middle Name
  • E-mail Address (to take advantage of the site's available e-mail functions)
  • Age

Who has access to a student's username and password?
Because Career Choices teachers and School Site Executives are responsible for setting up student accounts, they have access to student usernames and passwords. However, Career Choices teachers only have access to the usernames and passwords of students enrolled in their classes. In the event that a student forgets his or her username or password, or posts something inappropriate on the site, it is important that the student's Career Choices teacher and the School Site Executive have access to this information.

Do parents or legal guardians need to give their consent in order for their kids to use
Not necessarily, though some districts may require it. Check with your district administration to see if parental consent is needed.

A lot of our students change school from year to year or even mid-year. What happens to their data when they leave?
If a student transfers to another school that is using, Academic Innovations can easily transfer their data to the new school. It is the responsibility of the School Site Executive to alert Academic Innovations of their student's school change. If the School Site Executive doesn't know where the student is going, or if s/he will be attending a school that doesn't use, the School Site Executive must decide whether to keep or delete that account, bearing in mind that the school assumes full responsibility for any data kept.

Also keep in mind that choosing to delete a student account has no bearing on seat licenses. While deleting a student account will ensure that your school is no longer responsible for that student's data, it will not "open up" a seat license for another student.

How much added work per week will require of our teachers and the person we choose to be our School Site Executive?
In the beginning, the person acting as the School Site Executive will need to spend 45 minutes on the phone with a member of our Technical Support team to get acquainted with Once this orientation is complete, the School Site Executive will spend one to two hours (depending on the size of the school) creating accounts for the teachers and advisors who will be using it. It is then recommended that the School Site Executive lead a one-hour training session to introduce Career Choices teachers and school counselors to the web site. To keep planning time for this meeting to a minimum (approximately 30 minutes), Academic Innovations provides a PowerPoint presentation that can be used to structure the meeting.

Once teachers have gone through this training with the School Site Executive, the School Site Executive will likely only need to dedicate one hour per week to making sure the site is being used and maintained to its fullest, and also to answer any questions the faculty and staff may have about using it.

As for teachers, they will need to go through the one-hour training with the School Site Executive and then spend an additional 30 minutes to one hour creating accounts for their students. This initial training and set up is the most time-intensive part of using

Once the student accounts are active and students have entered their information into the system, it's really up to the teacher to decide how much time s/he will spend reviewing student plan summaries each week. Some teachers may ask students to enter their Workbook & Portfolio information over the course of the semester or year, in which case they'll have to schedule computer lab time each week for their students. Other teacher may wait until the end of the course to have their students enter their Workbook & Portfolio information online, in which case teachers will spend little, if any time, during most of the rest of the course using the site. stores a lot of very important information for students. Does Academic Innovations have a back-up plan for making sure this data isn't lost?
Most definitely. The servers that drive currently reside with a top server-hosting provider, where they are maintained and monitored in climate-controlled comfort. To ensure the integrity of all data, these servers are routinely backed up and stored in three different secure locations.
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