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Funding Decisions are Personal

Many funding decisions are made informally, often before the actual written proposal is submitted. Decision-makers are persuaded to approve projects based on a relationship of trust and confidence as much as by a well-crafted proposal. One state decision-maker was asked if he had ever funded a major project without personally speaking with the educator involved. His answer was a simple "No."

The lesson here: Get to know your funding source. If you are dealing with state individuals or people you don't know, gain the support of people you do know-principals, superintendents, curriculum supervisors, Tech Prep coordinators-who can intercede for you.

Outline for Preliminary Proposal (Narrative Format)

Project Title:

Project Director:

Institutional Affiliation:

Address and Phone Number:

Project Goal: (Brief description of what your organization does and what this proposal is designed to accomplish)

Funding: (List of specific requests and costs for each category below)


Time Line: (Proposed starting date, dates of specific events and completion)

Means of Evaluation:

    How to Fund Career Guidance Programs
    by Rod W. Durgin, Ph.D., and Harry N. Drier, Executive Director
    National Consortium of State Career Guidance Supervisors
    Published by COIN 3361 Executive Parkway, Suite 302
    Toledo, Ohio 43606; 800-274-8515

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