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Defining the Need, Purpose and Goals of Your Program

In virtually all proposals, you will be asked to describe, using a narrative format, the need, purpose, and goals of your program. This can be done in a few paragraphs or several pages, depending on the amount of your grant and the scope of the project.

To effectively approach this effort, review pages six through twenty-seven of the Career Choices Instructor's Guide. You'll find sections on goals and objectives; evaluative criteria for use with at-risk students, pregnant students and teen parents, as well as other important issues to help you prepare your grant proposal.

Career Choices Options

Career Choices has a flexible format and is being taught as a 9-, 18- or 36-week course. The following are possible program types you may want to explore:

  • A stand-alone guidance curriculum that prepares students to make a Tech Prep pathway choice

  • Integrated with English/language arts using Possibilities as the link

  • Team-taught by English, math, and social studies instructors, using an integrated career and life planning unit in their house or cluster group

  • A freshman transition course developed to meet the guidance needs of all students

  • Used in one-on-one counseling settings or with special populations-teen parents, dropout prevention, or Title I students

  • As part of an independent study program

Measurable Objectives

Grant proposals normally include statements of "Measurable Objectives" to provide the funding source with an evaluation criteria. You strengthen your proposal when you articulate measurements of what will be accomplished, to what extent, and by what date. (Review pages 186-190 of Career Choices for refresher course.)

"This program will result in the increase in enrollment in college prep and tech prep programs by 10% at the end of the first year."

"This program will reduce the drop out rate of the freshman class by 15% in the first year."

"After participating in this program, female students will be able to identify at least three non-traditional careers that present opportunities for increased income capable of supporting a family of two with an annual salary of $30K or more."

"By the completion of this program, all students will have a written plan that includes their educational objectives including post secondary education for at least one career path."

"At the completion of this program, all students will have developed a portfolio of three team projects that include specific career explorations."

"Prior to beginning this program we will conduct a full day inservice for teachers, counselors, and administrators involved in the project. At the end of the first year we will produce an evaluation document detailing the successes of the program and specific recommendations for improving it the following year."

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