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Career Choices Objectives and Outcomes

Most WIA summer youth want jobs, not school. By the time June comes, they are ready to leave classrooms, books, tests, and teachers behind. They are no different from the majority of other youth their age-except that many of these young people are frustrated and turned-off by traditional education. The results are reflected in lower basic skill levels, higher drop-out rates, lower self-esteem and less self-confidence.

If the summer educational enrichment program uses materials from their year-round English or math class, the frustration of these students will surface, even if they are being paid to sit in a seat. If possible, summer educational programs should look different from traditional classroom learning. The Career Choices format of interactive exercises and student-centered activities makes the academic process a non-traditional, motivational learning experience.

The overriding objective of the Career Choices curriculum is to help young people acquire the skills and attitudes necessary for a successful future, whether pursuing further education or a job. Following are the outcomes this program is designed to achieve. After using Career Choices, students will:

  • Gain an appreciation of the connection between work and learning
  • Have a clear understanding of what employers expect and the basic roles and requirements in a work setting
  • Begin to understand that the decisions they make now have consequences throughout their lives

Because of the self-knowledge they gain, young people become empowered to take charge of their lives. They begin to see that if they stay in school, they have a real chance for a rewarding future. And, they begin to understand that education and learning are a direct link to a successful career, not just a job.

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