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The cover remains largely the same
Career Choices 6th Edition Cover

ISBNs for 6th Edition
hardcover: 978-1-878787-60-6
softcover: 978-1-878787-61-3

Examples of new art and graphs

Career Choices 6th Edition Pages
NOTE: The new edition is currently production and the page images above are from a black and white proof. Books will be printed on linen white paper with the same ink colors used in earlier editions.

Announcing the NEW 6th Edition of Career Choices

After 25 years, Career Choices, A Guide For Teens and Young Adults: Who Am I, What Do I Want? How Do I Get It? is getting a "face lift."

The new edition of this beloved book has the same structure and activities that have proven so successful over the years but with more substantial design changes than in the past.

For instance:
  • We have replaced over 70 pieces of art with images reflecting more contemporary themes, but we also chose to keep the fine-art feel the text is known for -- conveying to students at a glance that this course is different.
  • Many of the statistical charts have been reworked as graphs for easier interpretation and better comprehension.
  • A new paper has been chosen; the beige stock will be replaced with a high-quality, white linen stock.
  • We have updated the text in a few places to reflect current examples, but page numbering for all activities and exercises remains the same.
  • We have made slight adjustments to the iconic cover but, due to its long-standing reputation, it remains recognizable and familiar to all.
What remains the same are the activities and exercises, as they are universal and proven. While a little of the text is updated to include contemporary examples, you won't notice a big change there.

Over the years, we have kept Career Choices' look the same because we were sensitive to the fact that resources are precious, and we didn’t want to force schools to update all their texts each time a new edition came out. This edition, however, will be different enough that, when side by side in a classroom, your students will see a difference. As a result, you may want to update your complete inventory when it comes time to order new books.

In the meantime, we still have copies of the 5th edition available and will provide 5th edition hardcover books at softcover prices until they run out. If you need to round out your inventory and you order by June 30, we will make sure you have the 5th edition books you need, even if we have to go back to press for them.


If you have questions or want to talk about strategies, please contact your Educational Consultant at (800) 967‐8016 or submit your question here. They can help you determine the best option for you and suggest different roll out strategies. The new edition will be ready to ship in late June.

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