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High-quality, ONLINE professional development
available 24/7
for all professionals on your campus

This online Professional Development series includes short, 2-minute to 15-minute videos and archived webinar sessions on a variety of targeted topics. These are delivered in a sequence that follows the 10-Step Plan for implementing your Freshman Transition/Get Focused...Stay Focused!® program developed from The George Washington University’s Freshman Transition Initiative. These videos were designed to be shared with staff throughout your campus. For a list of the topics, click here.

Research Shows that the Best Professional Development is
Sustained Ongoing Support.

Whether you choose to start at the beginning and work through the majority of these short tutorials, or pick and choose those that apply to what you need to know, you have—literally at your fingertips—the resources to help you and your program be successful. After nearly 30 years of providing support to our educational partners, we know what works, and just as important, what doesn’t.

Visit this website often as we’ll be adding new tutorials upon request.

You'll want to share some of these videos via links in emails, at staff and community meetings, or within Professional Learning Community meetings.

Let's get started.

The Lead Teacher/Lead Administrator Webinar Series

To address the need for ongoing sustained support, the Lead Teacher/Lead Administrator Webinar Series was designed to:
  • Develop "homegrown" educational leaders who can deliver ongoing, quality professional development for their school teams at their own site
  • Provide online content designed to be easily shared with staff on campuses
With the online tutorials found on Academic Innovations University for the Career Choices curriculum and the Get Focused...Stay Focused!® program, professional development content can be delivered onsite by a lead teacher or lead administrator, at any time, with little additional preparation.

The online tutorials will provide Lead Teachers/Administrators with the tools and techniques to easily:
  • Provide implementation workshops and coaching for new and experienced GFSF course instructors
  • Lead content-rich, capacity-building sessions for their team throughout the year
  • Create strategies for getting buy-in from all stakeholders in the school community
With the Lead Teacher/Lead Administrator Webinar Series you’ll receive:
  • Online access to over 100 professional development videos for a self- directed learning experience for both Lead Teacher/Administrator and school site staff through the online Academic Innovations University
  • The Career Choices Lead Teacher Manual
  • The Get Focused...Stay Focused Program and Instructional Manual
  • One hour online personalized Coaching session with a Curriculum specialist
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