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Course Standards for Freshman Transition Classes

Initiate a classroom-based, comprehensive guidance and career exploration course based on these standards, and you'll bring focus to the lives of your freshman students!

This course can help you achieve some lofty restructuring goals.

  • Reduce dropout rates for both high school and post-secondary education/training because students recognize the value of education and what a diploma mean to their future happiness and life satisfaction.
  • Increase post-secondary matriculation rates because students understand the quantitative life differences (e.g., financial, personal satisfaction, career options) post-secondary training and education provide.

View and print the Course Standards for Freshman Transition Classes to share with your planning team.

View and print handouts from "Changing Attitudes, Changing Lives: Motivating Freshmen for Higher Academic Achievement," a presentation given by Author Mindy Bingham at the CCPC Educating for Careers Conference in Anaheim, CA on Feb. 14, 2005.

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