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Career Choices/Possibilities Cross ReferenceCareer Choices / Possibilities Cross Reference

The following is a suggested cross reference guide. It is designed to assist you in deciding when to incorporate the stories, poems, essays, plays or speeches with the corresponding activities and exercises found in Possibilities.

Career Choices is a sequential curriculum. This outline assumes you are working through the Career Choices textbook from beginning to end in the order presented.,

You'll want to have a copy of the textbook, Career Choices: A Guide for Teens and Young Adults: Who Am I? What Do I Want? How Do I Get It?, and Possibilities: the Supplemental Anthology to look up the following activities. If you don't already have a copy, you can order a 60-day review set.

    Chapter 1

    Envisioning Your Future

    Secret Life of Walter Mitty
    Read after completing pages 10-13 in Career Choices

    Psalm of Life
    I Have a Dream... speech by Martin Luther King, Jr.
    Read after completing page 14 in Career Choices

    Work, an excerpt from The Prophet
    Read after completing page 15 in Career Choices

    Richard Cory
    Read after completing pages 18-21 in Career Choices

    Chapter 2

    Your Personal Profile

    Sonnets from the Portuguese
    Read after completing pages 28-29 in Career Choices

    Alice in Wonderland
    Read after completing pages 28-45 in Career Choices

    I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
    Read after completing pages 28-53 in Career Choices

    Read after completing page 52 in Career Choices

    Read after completing page 53 in Career Choices

    Chapter 3

    Lifestyles of the Satisfied and Happy

    Growing Older
    Read as an introduction to the "Looking into the Future" exercise on page 129 in the Instructor's and Counselor's Guide

    I Shall Not Pass This Way Again
    Read after completing pages 60-61 in Career Choices

    Red Geraniums
    Read after completing pages 66-69 in Career Choices

    Chapter 4

    What Cost This Lifestyle

    The Mills of the Gods
    Read after Ivy Elms' story on pages 74-75 in Career Choices

    The Savings Book
    Miss Rosie
    Christmas Day in the Workhouse
    Read after completing page 103 in Career Choices

    Gift of the Magi
    Read before assigning "Money Isn't Enough" on pages 104-105 in Career Choices

    A Legacy for My Daughter
    Read after completing pages 114-121 in Career Choices

    Chapter 5

    Your Ideal Career

    I Decline to Accept the End of Man
    Read after completing Chapter 5 of Career Choices

    Chapter 6

    Career Research

    Life on the Mississippi
    Read after reading page 146 in Career Choices

    Lego article
    Read after completing page 147 in Career Choices

    I Hear America Singing
    Read after completing page 165 in Career Choices

    Chapter 7

    Decision Making

    The Monkey's Paw
    Read after completing pages 168-174 in Career Choices

    The Road Not Taken
    Read after completing page 177 in Career Choices

    To Build a Fire
    Read after reading page 179 in Career Choices

    Chapter 8

    Goal Setting

    Read before beginning Chapter 8 of Career Choices

    The Myth of Sisyphus
    Read after completing pages 182-185 in Career Choices

    Prince of Tides
    Read after completing pages 182-191 in Career Choices

    Chapter 9

    Avoiding Detours and Roadblocks

    Expect Nothing
    Read together after completing pages 194-199 in Career Choices

    A Dream Deferred
    Read after completing pages 214-215 in Career Choices

    Mother to Son
    Read before completing pages 196-197 in Career Choices

    A Noiseless Patient Spider
    All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten
    Read after completing pages 216-217 in Career Choices

    Over the Hill to the Poorhouse
    Read before completing pages 208-209 in Career Choices

    George Gray
    Read after completing pages 216-221 in Career Choices

    Chapter 10

    Attitude is Everything

    The Necklace
    Read after completing pages 232-235 in Career Choices

    Tonia the Tree
    Read after completing pages 242-245 in Career Choices

    To Be of Use
    Read after completing pages 238-241 in Career Choices

    Be the Best of Whatever You Are
    Read after reading page 246 in Career Choices

    Chapter 11

    Getting Experience

    Looking for Work
    Read after completing pages 250-259 in Career Choices

    The Bridge Builder
    Thank you, M'am
    Read after completing pages 262-263 in Career Choices

    Chapter 12

    Where Do You Go from Here?

    Read after completing pages 270-273 in Career Choices

    Ex-Basketball Player
    Read before beginning to work on "Your Plan" on pages 279-280 in Career Choices

    25th High School Reunion
    Read after you complete "Your Plan" on pages 279-280 in Career Choices

© 1990, Melinda Bingham, Sandy Stryker, Rochelle Friedman and Laura Light. Reprinted with permission from Instructor's and Counselor's Guide for Career Choices: An Interdisciplinary Curriculum for High School and College for one time use only (no photocopying permitted) by 59 South 100 East, Saint George, UT 84770 (800) 967-8016. 60-day review set available upon request.

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