One-Hour Presentation: Why the 10-Year Planning Process is Vital to Student Success

Getting buy-in from stakeholders has never been so easy!

Getting buy-in from your campus, district, or region stakeholders is a vital first step to implementing a Get Focused...Stay Focused!® program. In order to make the process as efficient as possible, we’ve created a one-hour presentation that you can deliver at meetings and workshops.

With slides, video clips, and short activities, you can provide a comprehensive Get Focused...Stay Focused! ® overview designed to spur your audience to get involved.

Perfect for sharing information about your Get Focused...Stay Focused!® program!

Perfect for staff meetings, professional development days, parent and community meetings, and school board meetings, you can provide a dynamic presentation that will create enthusiasm for the Get Focused...Stay Focused!® program with just a few hours of prep time.

Follow this simple 4-step process:

Please note: The presentation files (step 2) include short videos, so the file is approximately 1GB.
Times will vary, but plan to allow ample time to download. You may want to start the download at the end of the day.

Print the Presenter Notes in color so the suggestions to the presenter will stand out and help you prepare more efficently.

Tip: If using Keynote or PowerPoint, a split display will allow you to view the presenter notes during your presentation.

This document provides an overview of the key points, activities and videos.
Use with free Adobe® Reader® software to avoid compatibility issues, especially if you work on multiple computers or across platforms: PDF with Embedded Video

If you are comfortable working in Keynote or PowerPoint, the files below will give you more flexibility in customizing your presentation:

Keynote (versions '09 thru '13)

PowerPoint - Embedded Video (.PPTM)

PowerPoint - Linked Video (.PPTX)
These video clips are already embedded in the file(s) you downloaded (step 2) to make your presentation seamless. You can use the links below to become more familiar with the video content as you prepare or to share the videos with colleagues.

Academic Coaching with the 10-year Plan

Why a 10-year Plan?

Dual Enrollment Freshman Transition

GFSF Follow-up Modules Overview

DEFT Follow-Up: Three Years Later

Dr. David Cash

For the Kelly Green Activity, print a copy of the handout for each participant.

Once participants try to talk Kelly out of dropping out, you’ll hand this out to each person in your audience and ask them to read it silently before now trying to talk Kelly out of dropping out.


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