Get Focused...Stay Focused®
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School-Wide Guidance Strategies for Instructional Leaders
Strategies for Counseling and Academic Coaching using the 10-year Plan
March 23 & March 24, 2021

Conference Attendees
Conference Attendees

One of the greatest and most unique strengths of the Get Focused...Stay Focused!® program is the availability of the online Career & Education 10-year Plan created in®. This portable plan affords every instructor and counselor in your school the opportunity to understand -- in a matter of minutes -- the dreams, goals, and plans of each student with whom they come in contact.

The comprehensive guidance component of the Get Focused...Stay Focused!® program model includes two opportunities for the advisory process:
  • Strategies for counselors when guiding students on their best educational path or intervening with personal issues AND
  • Academic coaching strategies for instructors when helping students tackle educational and coursework challenges
In this series of sessions, you will gather strategies and ideas that will transform the way you work with your students. In addition, you’ll learn about the unique Skills-based Education Planning process, that will ensure students are not only college ready but, just as important, career ready with the skills to compete for jobs in their chosen career or industry.

Note: A laptop computer is necessary if you want to experience the 10-year Plan Summary page online.

Who Should Attend?
  • Counselors at high school and college campuses
  • Principals and school site leaders
  • District program specialists
  • Guidance department chairs and deans

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