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Eastern Oregon University
The five courses of the GFSF Program and Curriculum Specialist Certificate

Eastern Oregon UniversityNumber of Course: ED 623
Name of Course: Overview of the Get Focused...Stay Focused!® Program model
Catalog Description:
The Get Focused...Stay Focused!® Program is a scalable, cost-efficient program that promotes high school graduation, post-secondary completion and successful entry into the workforce.  Starting in the freshman year, students develop carefully-considered career path, an informed major or program of study, a post-secondary institution or training program that not only matches their career and life goals but is affordable and a Skills-based Education Plan that facilitates successful entry into a highly competitive workforce.
Credit Hours: 3 Graduate Credits

Number of Course:  ED 624
Name of Course: Implementation of Get Focused...Stay Focused!® Freshman Transition course
Catalog Description:
Through the Career Choices and Changes textbook and the online activities, students experience a comprehensive freshman guidance course.  Upon completion of the course students will understand the resources and tactics for planning and implementing a standards based, Freshman Transition course: the first step of a GFSF program.
Credit Hours: 4 Graduate Credits

Number of Course:  ED 625
Name of Course: Advanced Modules in Get Focused Stay Focused
Catalog Description
Planning and Implementing the Get Focused...Stay Focused!®  Follow-up Modules in the 10th, 11th and 12th grades.
Credit Hours:  3 units Graduate Credits

Number of Course:  ED 626
Name of Course: My 10-Year-Plan in Get Focused...Stay Focused!®
Catalog Description:
Using, all appropriate stakeholders can quickly access in-depth information, about each students’ education and career goals, providing individual guidance easily and efficiently.  Educational leaders will learn the strategies and procedures to formalize this process on their campuses.
Credit Hours: 3 Graduate Credits

Number of Course:  ED 627
Name of Course: Getting Started with Get Focused Stay Focused: Start Up Strategies for Get Focused...Stay Focused!®  Programs.
Catalog Description:
Getting Started Strategies for your GFSF program:  Planning, Professional Development, Evaluation and Funding Tactics
Credit Hours:  2 Graduate Credits

Partners or collaborators
Foundation for California Community Colleges
George Washington University’s Freshman Transition Initiative
California Community College Chancellor's Task Force on Student Success
Academic Innovations LLC
UCSB Graduate School of Education California Dropout Research Project
UC Educational Evaluation Center, Gevirtz Graduate School of Education

Eastern Oregon University’s College of Education
California SB1070 Coordinators from select regions
Santa Barbara Foundation
Santa Barbara City College Dual Enrollment Department
Carpinteria and Santa Barbara Unified School Districts
Santa Barbara County Office of Education’s Partners in Education