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About the Get Focused...Stay Focused!® Resource Center

Get Focused...Stay Focused!® (GFSF) Resource Center is a 501(c)3 organizational entity incorporated in 2015 to support the development, implementation and evaluation of the GFSF program which empowers students to be college and career ready.

Over the past ten years, more than 450 high schools and community colleges from the around the country have adopted this program. The GFSF program is designed to provide every student with the necessary information and experiences to develop college and career readiness skills as well as facilitate the development of an educational plan. The program goals are to:

The GFSF Resource Center supports the program in becoming the leading career and college readiness program in high schools and college, first-year experience programs. The Center provides the assessment, professional development and technical assistance to schools, school districts and community colleges.

About the Executive Director Position

The Board of Directors recently completed a comprehensive, three-year strategic planning process which prioritizes the building of organizational capacity to meet service demand as well as growing and diversifying revenue streams for long-term financial sustainability. To accomplish these goals and build on a lean and experienced staff, the GFSF Resource Center seeks a qualified and enthusiastic Executive Director with an entrepreneur’s ethos to sustain and scale critical support for schools and school districts, higher education institutions, administrators and counselors who are utilizing the GFSF program.

As the Executive Director, the successful candidate will lead a start-up nonprofit organization beginning with securing the funding necessary and then building and maintaining a national organization dedicated to student success, post-secondary completion and successful entry into the workforce. The Executive Director is responsible for fulfilling the organization’s mission, strategic planning, communications, operations, financial reporting and fundraising. The position leads all activities of the nonprofit organization and reports directly to the Board of Directors.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Board Governance (10%):

Fundraising & Development (50%):

Educational Support (30%):

Finance & Administration (10%)

Desired Qualifications

Please submit resume or curriculum vitae with salary requirements to