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Recommendations from
California Community Colleges'
Student Success Task Force

Guidance is Key to Student Success

"The current matriculation model assumes that students will clarify their educational objective in the course of meeting with a counselor. However, many students never see a counselor. Even before the 52 percent budget cut to Matriculation funding, colleges were unable to provide all students with access to counseling services to help them clarify and refine their educational objectives and assist with the development of education plans to achieve those objectives. Student to counselor ratios range from 800 to 1 to 1800+ to 1 in the community colleges... Helping students make informed choices about their education is a critical strategy to help increase student success in the California Community Colleges." (page 22-23)

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Meeting the Research-based Recommendations for College Completion

When College counselors and instructors are trained on the use of the online 10-year Plan, they can access vital individualized information to help them personalize their work with each student. Precious one-on-one time can then be spent focusing on a student’s informed and carefully-considered, long-range goals in order to provide the most productive advice.

With quick review of a student’s 10-year Plan Summary, a counselor, advisor, mentor, or instructor gets a snapshot view of an individual’s goals, dreams, plans, and lifestyle expectations. With that data, their advice can be tailored to fit those personalized parameters.

To see this in action, watch this short video clip.

Academic Coaching using the

Student Success Strategies For Entering Students

Students who have had the good fortune of participating in a Get Focused...Stay Focused! ® program in high school will arrive on the college campus with a well-thought-out 10-year career plan and Skills-based Education Plan. Then, as a part of their campus orientation, staff can use that information to efficiently and effectively provide the support needed to get them quickly on the path to college completion. 

Sample 10-year Plan summary 

For those students who start college without the benefit of an individual online 10-year Plan, the counseling department can take the lead in introducing a Student Success course. This unique and new class will support the strategies and recommendations of the American Association of Community Colleges that all students enter a program of study by the end of their first semester.

Partners or collaborators
Foundation for California Community Colleges
George Washington University’s Freshman Transition Initiative
California Community College Chancellor's Task Force on Student Success
Academic Innovations LLC
UCSB Graduate School of Education California Dropout Research Project
UC Educational Evaluation Center, Gevirtz Graduate School of Education

Eastern Oregon University’s College of Education
California SB1070 Coordinators from select regions
Santa Barbara Foundation
Santa Barbara City College Dual Enrollment Department
Carpinteria and Santa Barbara Unified School Districts
Santa Barbara County Office of Education’s Partners in Education