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Flexible Models for Delivering
Award-Winning College/Career Readiness

With these targeted offerings, you’ll be able to choose the best one for your school and individuals in your classes.

Get Focused Hybrid
Career Choices & Changes with®

Traditional instructor-led delivery with print text and workbook
Get Focused Online
Career Choices & Changes Online

Great for flipped classroom model with rich video content to support learning
Complete Get Focused…Stay Focused!® Online Bundle

The entire 4-year GFSF curriculum online and at a savings
Career Choices & Changes Online PREMIUM

For independent study or home school students
Career Choices & Changes

For secondary schools wanting a basic paperless option
Award-Winning Content with a Proven Track Record
Self-discovery and planning activities available online 100 100 100 100 100
Consumable workbook for students to draft their plans while reinforcing the writing process
Career Choices and Changes textbook content is delivered online
Content for all 3 Get Focused…Stay Focused!® Follow-Up Modules is included online
Engaging Video Content to Enrich the Student Experience
Begin Here and Getting Started modules help students understand why the process is important and how to maximize their use of the system 6 videos 6 videos 6 videos 6 videos 6 videos
Motivational chapter videos presented by Olympic Gold Medalist Dain Blanton get students excited about the chapter ahead 15 videos 15 videos 15 videos 15 videos 15 videos
Video tutorials from the mini-lecture series provide additional ‘Get Focused’ content, context, and instruction for self-directed students 62+ videos 62+ videos 62+ videos
Chapter Quizzes are automatically scored so students get instant feedback
Opportunities for Students to Assess Their Own Learning and Share Their Plans
10-Year Plan Summary Page, Portfolio, and Skills-Based Education Plan
Periodic Think About It activities prompt the student to reflect on or revisit important information or choices
Chapter Checkpoints allow students to reflect on their own learning as they review the concepts covered in the chapter® mobile app allows students to easily access and maintain the details of their 10-Year Plan Summary Page

The consumable student workbook included with each of the Best Practice models promotes the two-step “think/rethink” process vital to developing the habits necessary for critical, creative, and strategic thinking. Students have a formal place to jot their initial thoughts and ideas related to the 100 carefully scope and sequenced workbook activities. Later, with the benefit of their written workbook responses and some time to reflect, they go online and refine their thinking as they enter the data from their workbook into their® account*. Their workbook is their draft and their online entries are the polished product that creates their 10-year Plan. This plan is then available to campus administrators and faculty and can also be shared with others using the secure® app from a mobile device.

*Each seat license is designed for single-user access. Due to the long-term nature of the planning information related to, access is non-transferable once a license is assigned to a named user. As a result, licenses must be purchased for each individual user. A grace period is provided for recovery of assigned licenses if a named user is dropped from a class. For further clarification or assistance regarding licenses and license management, please contact our support team.