Superintendent Declares Success 101 a Resounding Success

Woonsocket High School, Woonsocket, Rhode Island - Bronze Medal

In a recent blog post, Dr. Patrick McGee, superintendent of schools in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, praised Principal Carnell Henderson and the fifteen teachers who teach the Career Choices curriculum at Woonsocket High School.

The program what has captured Dr. McGee’s attention is called Success 101, and he has declared Woonsocket’s efforts to “provide academic support, time management skills, organizational skills, career planning, and financial literacy, to name a few, in an effort to increase the graduation rate...a resounding success.”

The Career Choices curriculum used in Success 101 was first seen by the Woonsocket High School team at a regional Focus on Freshmen event held in Boston. Principal Henderson was searching for a program that would make changes in his students’ behavior and attendance. “Most importantly, I wanted to affect change for the long haul,” he stated.

Woonsocket High School teachers then attended a 2-day implementation workshop in Norwich, Connecticut, and members of the team attended the national Focus on Freshmen conference to finalize plans for implementation.

“The Career Choices curriculum is important for every gives them an identity and something to strive for,” Mr. Henderson offered.

As part of the required presentations, students shared their 10-year Plans directly from the My10yearPlan system. The school board, having visited the classrooms where Success 101 was being taught, “bought on 110%” according to Mr. Henderson.

To again quote from Dr. McGee’s blog: “As a result of Mr Henderson’s and his administration’s leadership and committed staff, Woonsocket High School has been awarded a Bronze Medal from Academic Innovations that indicates the program is having a positive effect on students and is impacting student success.”