Enthusiastic Teachers Connect with, Encourage, and Support Students

Shafter High School, Shafter, California

Shafter High School located in Shafter, California,offers their freshman and sophomore students a life-changing Career Development course.

Shafter is one of a growing list of schools in the Kern Union High School District that, working with Bob Hawkes, the Workforce Development Director for the Kern Community College District, has implemented the Career Choices curriculum. What began as an initial year-long pilot in 2014 is now being offered as a semester-long class with more than 360 freshmen and more than 300 sophomores participating.

Lyndsy Loveless teaches three sections and has nothing but praise, not only for the ease of implementation but also for the direct value in students’ understanding of the subject matter. “The students develop a deeper understanding of how much we care,” she said. “To gain a student’s trust and have them accept our advice is so much a part of this program,” Ms. Loveless added. She noted that she continues to have a number of her previous students stay in contact with her and ask for her advice on a wide variety of topics.

Ms. Loveless gives credit to her colleagues Nancy Gohr and Mary Beth Beadling, both early proponents of the Career Choices curriculum, along with Principal Russell Shipley.

“It is essential to have enthusiastic teachers who encourage their students on a daily basis,” said Ms. Loveless, heaping kudos on Alix Micklasavage and Shaya Durant, the two other Career Development teachers.

“Encouraging students, especially students who are at-risk, empowers them to stay focused and, more importantly, stay in school,” she added. Life skills, goal management, and early access to information regarding career possibilities are key components to the overall success of students.

A unique twist to the Shafter High School Generals implementation of the Career Choices series curriculum and My10yearPlan is offering it during their summer session so that no student lacks a 10-year Plan.