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The master plan describes the state’s three goals for career education. One is ensuring that ninth grade students are encouraged to explore well-paying careers and that they are guided on a pathway to that career.

EdSource, "Gov. Gavin Newsom signs executive order for a master plan for career education," August 31, 2023

What is the Golden State Pathways Program?
Golden State Pathways Priorities
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Get Focused…Stay Focused!® (GFSF) is a PROVEN scalable, cost-efficient career exploration and planning program that promotes high school graduation, post-secondary completion, and successful, skilled entry into the workforce.

Key benefits of the research-based Get Focused…Stay Focused!® approach

Get Focused…Stay Focused!® aligns with the objectives of the Golden State Pathways Grant, and can help you leverage your funds to meet the grant requirements with:

  • A student-centered solution that includes A-G and at least one other element of the College/Career Indicator
    • GFSF is the only A-G approved early career exploration course that provides dual credit and qualifies students for the Prepared level on the College/Career Indicator on the CA Dashboard

  • Opportunities for EVERY high school students to earn at least 12 post-secondary credits
    • GFSF provides a seamless dual enrollment opportunity starting with the 'Get Focused' course for ALL students in the 9th grade. Students can then earn additional college credits with the 'Stay Focused' modules in the 10th, 11th, and 12th grades. By starting the college pathway in the 9th grade, you start to address equity gaps, remove barriers to student success, and establish an "I'm college material" mindset. And, thanks to the 10-Year Plan process experienced in the 9th grade, students understand the benefits of taking advantage of dual enrollment opportunities. This insight leads to increased dual enrollment participation at all grade levels.

  • Provide work-based learning opportunities, with an emphasis on internships and apprenticeships
    • GFSF provides an onramp that propels students forward with an INFORMED pathway decision and exposes them to a variety of options for acquiring the training needed so they are ready to take advantage of the work-based learning opportunities that are available.

  • Academic and SEL supports to give EVERY student opportunities to access the post-secondary path of their choice
    • All 9th grade students take the foundation GFSF course, which has SEL, academics, and DEI strategies woven throughout. The culminating course project––an online 10-year skills-based career and education plan––provides a roadmap for each student to realize the post-secondary path of their choosing. And, with flexible course options designed for hybrid, online-only, and independent study models, it's easy to bring this cost effective, life-changing program to ALL students.

A Golden Opportunity: Golden State Pathways Grant

Growing Dual Enrollment with Equity

Groundbreaking Model: Dual Enrollment Freshman Transition

As seen in this video, Carpinteria High School has had this course offered for dual enrollment credit since 2009.

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Aimed at improving college and career readiness in California, the Golden State Pathways Program competitive grant provides funding for college preparation and career technical learning for high school students of ALL abilities. Golden State Pathways presents an unprecedented opportunity to empower more students to access postsecondary education or gainful employment in industries that align with local labor market needs.

Golden State Pathways contains $500M in investments designed to support college and career readiness for ALL students to ensure that California thrives economically and socially.

Braiding the Golden State Pathway dollars with other state funds will create a powerful synergy for improving college and career readiness efforts within communities by building pathways that offer increased opportunities for collaboration among stakeholders and promote inclusive growth.

Funds from the Golden State Pathways Program will:

  • Promote pathways in high-wage, high-skill, high-growth areas allowing students to advance from high school to college and career and provide the workforce needed for economic growth.

  • Encourage collaboration between local educational agencies (LEAs), schools, employers, and other members of the community to develop or expand innovative college and career pathways.

  • Allow more students to access post-secondary education opportunities and workforce training, or to obtain employment in an industry that aligns with local, regional, or state labor market needs.

  • Support the continued development of a skilled and educated workforce, with an emphasis on addressing areas of acute statewide need.

Introduce students to career pathways and dual enrollment opportunities and workforce training (WBL, internships, apprenticeship) earlier allowing them to make the connection between post-secondary education and their career and life goals.

Provide a clearer path for your adult students to access post-secondary education opportunities and workforce training (WBL, internships, apprenticeship), or to obtain employment in an industry that aligns with local, regional, or state labor market needs.

Increase enrollment by promoting pathways in high-wage, high-skill, high-growth areas so students can advance seamlessly from high school to college and career.

If you’d like more information about this new grant initiative and how we can help your school and district obtain state funding and implement these programs, please reach out to us.

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