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June 20-21, 2023

University of California, Santa Barbara
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Ideal for EXISTING and NEW Get Focused Stay Focused programs seeking solutions for:


Get Focused...Stay Focused!® Supports Successful Student Transitions from Middle School to High School and into College and Career

Discover how the Get Focused Stay Focused program helps to ensure that ALL students graduate college, career, and life ready. This innovative approach aims to:
  • Foster equity and access for ALL students
  • Help students make a carefully considered career pathway selection
  • Facilitate the creation of a skills-based 10-year career and education plan
  • Help students meet the Prepared Level of the College and Career Indicator (CCI) on the CA Dashboard
  • Develop opportunities for early college credit
  • Enhance the culture of your school
  • Provide Career Exploration for your K12 SWP efforts

Secondary participants learn how to:

  • Provide students with an online 10-year Plan to guide their post-secondary planning and matriculation
  • Provide a strategic plan for reaching every learner with a comprehensive guidance course in 9th grade and follow-up modules in 10th–12th grades
  • Improve motivation as students answer “Who am I? What do I want? How do I get it?” and realize they need to take initiative to reach their goals
  • Develop students’ financial literacy skills and teach them how to be independent adults in the future
  • Effectively collaborate with college partners

Get Focused...Stay Focused!® Supports Successful Student Transitions from High School to College and College into the Workforce

Learn about the Get Focused Stay Focused backward-mapping design for delivering the knowledge and skills required for student success. This innovative approach aims to:
  • Boost your retention and recruitment strategies
  • Provide an onramp for students to make informed Guided Pathway decisions
  • Increase college and career readiness for students entering the community college system
  • Decrease the time and cost needed for students to complete degrees, certificates, and/or transfers
  • Foster collaboration with Promise Programs
  • Increase Dual Enrollment/Articulation partnerships with K12 partners

Post-secondary participants learn how to:

  • Effectively collaborate with high school partners
  • Increase the number of students entering college with an informed, declared major and an Education Plan
  • Improve accountability outcome measures including the percentage of students who complete degrees, certificates, and/or transfer
  • Increase the percentage of students setting and achieving personal academic and career goals
  • Plan for effective K12 SWP projects with high school partners
  • Use Get Focused…Stay Focused!® as the onramp to Guided Pathways

“We get to share what we’re doing at our program and get to hear from other administrators and educators about what they’re doing. It’s a great place to bounce ideas off each other.”
—Anna Laven, Dual Enrollment Coordinator, Bakersfield College


The conference institutes provide an opportunity to go deep on a variety of topics that will help you enhance your current program or streamline the launch of a new program. For details, see the links to each institute page.
How to Implement the ‘Get Focused’/Freshman Transition Course Using the Career Choices Series
Strategies and Resources to Ensure Success for Your Comprehensive Guidance Course

How to Implement a 2- to 3-Unit Course for College and Adult Learners Using Career Choices and Changes
Instructional Strategies for First-Year Experience or Adult Education Courses

TIPS for Experienced Career Choices Series Instructors: Taking Your Course to the Next Level
Teaching Insights, Practices, and Solutions (TIPS)

Program Leadership Strategies for Principals and Administrators Using the George Washington University’s 10-Step Plan
Developing a Strategic Plan for Building a School-Wide Team

Counselor Leadership Strategies for Whole-School Guidance and Academic Coaching
Using Distributive Guidance as a Key Strategy for Your School-Wide Initiative

Implementing the Whole-School Initiative Using® and the Follow-Up Modules
Strategies for Taking Your Program to the Next Level

Getting Started with the Middle School Curriculum, Building a Bridge to Your Future
Strategies for Implementing a Unique Course to Prepare Students for High School Success

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