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Why it’s important to change the traditional way students decide which college to attend

What is Get Focused...Stay Focused!®?

It's a nonprofit oganization that provides a classroom-based, comprehensive guidance program designed to increase high school and college completion and ensure students are successfully transitioned into the workforce with the skills required to succeed.

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Who is Dawn O'Bar?
Dawn O'Bar
Dawn O'Bar is the board president of Get Focused...Stay Focused!®. O'Bar has always been an educator, but previous careers include being a president of an international nonprofit oganization called Unite to Light and working as an adjunct professor at Westmont College.


Get Focused Stay Focused

Media contact: Spencer Ricks
Communication and Marketing Coordinator for Academic Innovations, the curriculum partner for Get Focused...Stay Focused!®

Phone: 800-967-8016
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Email: spencer.ricks@academicinnovations.com

Interview the educators who use
Get Focused...Stay Focused!®

Currently, over 162,000 students in the U.S. are in Get Focused...Stay Focused!® programs on middle school, high school and college campuses. Hear from these interview-willing educators who help inspire students to focus on their future. Contact Spencer Ricks for more possible interview subjects.

Rachelle Fast, Teacher, Sierra High School, 209-858-7410 ex 59414; Marlaina Spivey, Teacher, River City High School, 916-375-7800 ex 2607;Brenda Carr, Teacher, Hatch Valley High School, 575-267-8230;