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Descriptions of Each Text

The Career Choices integrated curriculum consists of three textbooks, a consumable student workbook, and Instructor's Guide. The texts can be used independently or together to create an interdisciplinary learning experience.

Career Choices is the main text, complete with over 100 motivational learning activities. Students begin a process of self-discovery. Once they explore their unique abilities, ambitions, and dreams, they are ready to learn essential life skills: goal setting, decision making, critical thinking, teamwork, and long-term planning.

Possibilities is a literature anthology of fifty poems, short stories, essays, and speeches integrated thematically with the lessons in Career Choices. Literature's true gift is to help students broaden understanding of self and others. The selections in Possibilities help young people relate these lessons directly to their own lives.

Lifestyle Math complements the Career Choices text as it teaches students real-world math skills they will use virtually every day of their lives. Students explore the financial costs of their ideal family at age 29. In this dramatic learning process, they discover not only a personal budgeting process but understand why they need career planning and education to achieve their lifestyle goals.

The Workbook and Portfolio for Career Choices provides a permanent record of each student's career and life planning goals. This low-cost, consumable workbook replicates each exercise in the Career Choices classroom text. With this portfolio, students gain focus, teachers acquire an assessment tool, and guidance counselors can work with a tangible student career plan.

The Instructor's and Counselor's Guide provides instructors with clearly written learning objectives, lesson plans, motivational activities, vocabulary, and composition suggestions.

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